Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Procrastinating, Packing, and Phenomenal Friends & Family

So I just found this draft of a post I meant to post before I left for Uganda two years ago! I wish I would have posted it then but it is better late than never.

AHHHHHH!!! Can pretty much sum up my feelings right now!! It is crunch time and I'm a little worried I'm not going to be ready to leave A WEEK from today! My procrastinating has allowed me to get to 7 days before my departure still buying essential items and getting my life prepared to leave. I am beginning to think the African lifestyle will suite me well, especially since there way of life is slower pace and deadlines are more of suggestions than requirements. Don't worry I always get things done on time, even if is a couple hours before. Which I fully intend not to do!!! My bags will be packed and ready to go the night before my departure...I'm positive...kind of...maybe...okay I'm hopeful but lets face it I'm sure I will be still packing at 4 am.

I'm honestly stressed out the most because of my freaking packing more than anything else. Bring on the bucket showers, latrines, big bugs, big animals, foreign foods and the heat but trying to pack for the next 2 years of my life?!?! Ugh the idea of it for a while made me want to vomit. I thought packing for 3 months in Europe was bad but this has been stressing me out for the past couple months. Of course I didn't start really thinking about what to bring until about two weeks ago. I guess I just tend to work better under pressure. I'm sure this sounds like something pretty silly to be worried about but in my head I still think I am going to be in an area where I won't have access to anything. Of course this won't be the case but I don't want to get to Africa wishing I had brought more or that I brought the wrong kind of clothes. Especially for work. I am required to wear skirts at or below the knee, business casual tops (no spaghetti straps), or dresses (no spaghetti straps). I'm sure what I plan to bring will be just fine but my mind has decided to make me stress just for fun.

One of the main reasons for this post is to address the fact that I have some of the most amazing, wonderful, caring, supportive, hilarious, and freaking phenomenal friends and family :) Throughout this whole process I honestly have never felt more loved and supported in my life!!! I would definitely be lost without my friends and family. They keep me in line, help me let loose, drive me insane, help keep me sane, support my crazy ideas to travel the world, and drive me to follow my passions whether they be big or small. Unknowingly or not they have helped me to make it to this point in the Peace Corps. As difficult as it will be to say bye on May 22, the thought that they will be following me on this crazy adventure via blog, fb, letters, and e-mails gives me comfort and confidence. 

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the love and support!!! 

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