Monday, February 3, 2014

Even The Smallest Amount WILL Make The DIFFERENCE!

At the end of my previous post I mentioned my upcoming project, the community library, for my village that I was about to begin...well construction FINALLY has begun! The bricks for the base of the library, timber for the roof and part of the walls, sand, murram, hard core, and A LOT of cement have all been purchased and delivered to the library site. All that is left to be delivered is a  bit more timber, doors, windows, and more plastic bottles that will be used to fill the walls of the library! My village, Omungari or Engari for short, will be helping with the collection of more bottles from around Engari to increase environmental awareness and help clean the community. The community will also be involved in the placement of the bottles into the walls of the library since it doesn't require much skill and their involvement will help create a sense of ownership among community members. Well, at least that is what I am hoping will happen.

Okay, now down to the nitty gritty. Unfortunately, even with the grant I received from my organization and some funds that have been raised by friends and family there is still a need for a bit more. As of now, I do not have enough funds to cover for bookshelves, tables, chairs, labeling materials, and paint for the students to decorate the library walls.

Even if it is $5 or less, any amount that can be donated towards finishing this library would be so very much appreciated. Even the smallest amount WILL make the DIFFERENCE! My goal before I finish my service is to have a fully functioning library that is full of books for Engari village to dive into. Just giving this community the opportunity to have access to such a wide variety of information will be a great achievement in itself but it will be up to the community to take advantage of these resources. Many of the teachers from the local schools are very interested in getting involved with the library and are excited to send their students to use the resources as well.

I'm not building this library for myself, I am helping to get this library built to provide Engari with access to knowledge, increase creativity among children and adults, provide an outlet for enjoyment and increase overall literacy of Engari community members. I am very passionate about reading and find joy in sitting down to read a good book. That is all I want is for this community to have the same opportunity to experience as well! But everything in baby steps and the first step is to get the library built and up and running. Please help me to fulfill this goal and create a passion for reading in Engari community.

Click here to go to my fundraising website! You can find more information and pictures about the community library as well as the opportunity to donate any amount of funds that you are able to. Even the smallest amount WILL make the DIFFERENCE!!

Wabare Munonga!!
Thank you very much!!

I'm on the left with Grace and Eunice my brick helpers!
Workers working on the library base

Workers starting on the base of the library